Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. has manufactured the VASCAR average speed computer for over thirty years. We are pleased to announce the next generation of time-speed-distance measurement devices, the VASCAR-plus IIIc. The VASCAR-plus IIIc utilizes the latest in microprocessor technology and has innovations and features, which make it the most dynamic and cost effective speed measurement device on the market today. The VASCAR-plus IIIc in similar form to its predecessor the VASCAR-plus III, it is easier to use, simpler to install and less expensive to maintain.

Simple Installation: Advanced Electronics and simple 3-wire installation allow the VASCAR-plus IIIc to be installed in any vehicle with digital electronics without additional components or unit modifications. It can be moved among vehicles of different make or model without additional components or unit modifications. Our new hard-wired “pigtail” connector facilities this “portability”.

  • Displays all features at once
  • Quicker functions
  • Electronic odometer module built-in
  • Two crystal oscillators provide continual self-check of time base accuracy
  • Error detection circuitry
  • High intensity display automatically adjusts the intensity as the ambient light changes
  • Accurate speed measurement well above 100 mph
  • Displays elapsed time and distance during the clock
  • Sealed membrane switch front panel, reinforced by metal plate, highly water resistant (splash and spill proof)
  • Patrol mode provides an accurate speedometer
  • Stores up to eight clocks
  • Serial port for a communication link with an external printer, video camera, heads-up display or computer training aid.
  • Rugged cast aluminum case, gasket sealed front and rear.
  • Calibrates by using its internal time crystal. No stop watch needed.
  • Automatically checks accuracy of quartz crystal with a self-test each time the unit is turned on.
  • Updates programs by inserting a new microchip.
  • Automatically clears itself when starting a new speed check.
  • Measures the time interval between vehicles to an accuracy of less than 0.1 seconds for Following-too-close violations.
  • Speed accuracy of 0% to -2/3% from o to 100 mph
  • An input range of 10 VDC to 20 VDC with a current draw of less than 0.75 amps.
  • Distance measurements up to 100 miles in increments of 0.0002 feet.
  • Automatically converts the measured distance from miles to feet.
  • Physical Dimensions: 6.5” W x 2.312” H x 2.125” D
  • Protected from an input over-voltage and polarity reversal
  • Heat resistant pig-tail connector
  • Monitoring circuitry that detects switch wear
  • Measures true time in increments of 0.01 seconds up to 10 hours
  • Three color window display
Additional Specifications:
  • Quartz crystal performs accuracy self-test every time unit is turned on
  • The VASCAR-plus lllc stores up to eight speed clocks
  • Input over-voltage and polarity reversal protection
  • Mil-Spec switches, switch wear detection circuitry
  • Display automatically adjusts ambient light changes
  • RS-232 output to printer or to “stamp” video
  • Three-year Parts & Labor Warranty