• High Conviction Rate
  • Low cost to purchase and maintain
  • Effective tool for accident reconstruction
  • Used for “Following-too-close” violations
  • Versatile (Can be used stationary or moving – in the same or opposite directions)
  • No signal emission (Cannot be detected, distorted or jammed)
  • Safe for operators (No radar waves)
  • Fair to police and motorists
  • 3-year Parts & Labor Warranty
  • 20-year Design Life
  • Average operating error less than ½ mph
  • Doesn’t interfere with normal patrol duties

You can also mark the exact scene of an accident by driving the distance from the accident scene to the nearest identifiable point, such as a mile marker or road intersection.  The measurement is given is either feet or miles

Because of its compact size and light weight, VASCAR-plus® units can effectively be used by motorcycle officers.

You can utilize instant time recall for precise measurement of gap time between vehicles to determine whether a car is following too closely.

VASCAR-plus® is just as effective in the air as it is on land!

Dial-A-Distance allows an officer to pre-program a distance and clock speeders without being seen by traffic.

We appreciate all the Testimonials from Officers that use VASCAR speed detection modules.