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VASCAR-plus® - Features and Benefits

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VASCAR-plus® mounted in a Lebanon City PA patrol vehicle (courtsey Lebanon City Police)

Features and Benefits:

Five Year Warranty covering 100% labor and materials
Fast, inexpensive installation
Cost effective operation - less expensive to maintain than other technologies
Higher conviction rates confirm its' reliability
Cannot be detected or jammed
VASCAR-plus® units can be used in crowded traffic conditions. VASCAR can pick out one car and follow it in a cluster of several
Average operating error less than ˝ mph
Does not interfere with normal patrol duties

City of St. Marys Pennsylvania patrol car with VASCAR-plus® mounted in console (photo courtesy City of S. Marys)

Examples of Use:

You can measure exact distance of an accident to nearest intersectionYou can also mark the exact scene of an accident by driving the distance from the accident scene to the nearest identifiable point, such as a mile marker or road intersection.  The measurement is given is either feet or miles



Photo courtesy Indianapolis Police Motorcycle Drill TeamBecause of it's compact size and light weight, VASCAR-plus® units can effectively be used by motorcycle officers.





Following too closeYou can utilize instant time recall for precise measurement of gap time between vehicles to determine whether a car is following too closely.




VASCAR works using aerial surveilanceVASCAR-plus® is just as effective in the air as it is on land!



clocking speeders using VASCARDial-A-Distance allows an officer to pre-program a distance and clock speeders without being seen by traffic.

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