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Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. is headquartered in Richmond, VA.Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. is a Virginia corporation, formed in 1971 for the purpose of developing and marketing various traffic and highway safety devices. In 1976, Traffic Safety Systems personnel developed and began marketing the VASCAR-plus®, an improvement on VASCAR.  The new system was generations ahead of the older model in both performance and quality control. TSSI contracted Power Systems & Controls, Inc., to produce prototype models of the new VASCAR-plus®. PS&C is a Richmond based fabricator of high technology electronic equipment and machinery. PS&C has since been heavily involved in the production and engineering of VASCAR-plus® and is presently the sole manufacturer of VASCAR-plus® speed enforcement computers. In 1983 Traffic Safety Systems merged with Power Systems & Controls and is currently a division of the company. Traffic Safety Systems began marketing the VASCAR-plus® II in 1990 and the VASCAR-plus® III in 2000.  The latest in vascar technology, the VASCAR-plus® IIIc became available in Dec 04, which completes the family of "Time Distance" devices.  Currently 40 states and several countries use VASCAR for their speed enforcement requirements.

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