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Traffic Safety Systems, Inc. - manufacturer of VASCAR-plus® speed enforcement computer


VASCAR-plus®IIIc - Demo Units are available

The latest in "Time Distance" speed detection.  The IIIc was designed with 100% design criteria supplied by the people who have to use it, "You".........Call for Details, you won't believe the price!!!

How well do you like the plus®IIIc?  Please keep sending your comments!!

 All VASCAR-plus® systems work with CANbus

CIty of St. Marys Pennsylvania Police use VASCAR-plus® (photo courtesy of City of St. Marys)The electronic VASCAR-plus® unit gives patrol officers a decided edge in cracking down on motorists who flaunt speeding regulations because of its unique ability to calculate the average speed of a vehicle by dividing the distance traveled by the time.  VASCAR-plus® can compute the speed of a vehicle whether they are coming, going, behind or ahead of the police vehicle, or even moving on a cross street.  The device can be used day or night, whether the patrolling vehicle is parked or moving.  Best of all VASCAR-plus® is also beneficial to speeders since it calculates the average speed not a single moment in time.

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